Sneak Peek

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Hey everybody, Ambit Film Productions sent us this little clip that we can use as a sneak peek for our upcoming commercial we will launch in the next few weeks. Over the next year we will be releasing a number of commercials highlighting Shuttle Park City. Enjoy!


Wasatch Snow Forecast

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Winter is here!! For those of you that are curious about and constantly check the weather or snow report for your ski trip, make sure you get your information from the most accurate source. The local powder hounds use the Wasatch Snow Forecast as a weather guide. Wasatch Snow Forecast is a weather blog dedicated to forecasting snowfall for Wasatch Mountain Range.  They strive to not just tell you the weather, but explain the science behind the awesome snowstorms that create the famous “greatest snow on earth”.  Evan Thayer the brain behind Wassatch Snow Forecast, is a hobbyist meteorologist and avid skier who grew up constantly searching for the perfect snowstorm and the deepest powder. His interest then grew into an obsession for snow forecasting. As stated on the website, “Wasatch Snow Forecast has vowed to use its knowledge and experience reading computer models and weather charts to bring you the best forecast possible”. Wasatch Snow Forecast will help you know when to call in sick for work and when to bring up your powder skis! As far as the upcoming snowfall, make sure and read a sample forecast from their latest report!

“Action Packed

Monday, November 21, 2016 at 7:55 am


Active weather will continue with several storms likely over the next ten days.  Storms should get colder and stronger over time.  We should be closing out November in style.


A lot to talk about today so let us dive right in.

Storm #1   This storm is ongoing today.  It is currently snowing in the high elevations of the Wasatch. A look at Deer Valley on this fine Monday morning:

Off and on snowfall will continue today with lowering snow levels later today as we transition to a colder portion of the storm.  We’ll even have a chance for some lake enhanced showers later tonight.  Alta Collins station showing 3″ of new snow so far.  I still think 5-10″ forecast for the highest elevations is a good bet.

A break on Tuesday and early Wednesday…

Storm #2 rolls into the region Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.  This system is colder and will drop snow levels down to valley floors for Thanksgiving morning.  Not a particularly strong system but could easily put down 4-8″ in the high elevation with perhaps more if we get the benefit of some lake effect snowfall.

Another break late Thursday thru Saturday morning…

Storm #3 is now timing for late Saturday into Saturday night, a little bit later than previously forecasted.  This system looks relatively weak, with another quick burst of snowfall possible for the region.

Storm #4 for early next week has the potential to be the coldest and strongest of the bunch.  Of course, it is still a week or more away, but right now it looks like it could have potential to put down more significant accumulations.

The QPF over the next week shows gradual small steps upward, with perhaps the biggest leap just out past the end of the chart:

Long range:

As we head into December, it looks like a ridge will build off the west coast.  That will dig a trough down into the Intermountain West.  We could see colder systems drop down into the area from BC rather than moving in from the west.  Overall, I’d say the active pattern is more likely to continue than to cease.

A good forecast overall, with plenty of optimism.  Whatever rituals you’ve been performing, keep them up as we are definitely seeing the tides turn to more typical Utah winter weather.”

Check them out and follow them religiously at Oh and one more thing of course, don’t forget Shuttle Park City uses a fleet of 4X4 vehicles all equipped with the safest and best tires for snow. No matter how crazy the snow storm, Shuttle Park City will safely drive you to your destination.

Whole Vacation

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Recently, the Park City Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon for all their members. During this meeting they inspired us all in many different important ways, one of them being to cherish the time we have to spend with our loved ones. Sometimes we become so busy with work and all the many things going on in life we forget to take the time to create and experience precious moments together. Thankfully towns like Park City exist where we can escape the daily grind, get away from all the busy work, and create the special moments that last forever and make life sweet. Below is a short and creative video we all watched during the meeting about working too much. Check it out!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you took your full vacation, and entirely escaped from work? When was the last time you fully enjoyed and made the most of your entire vacation and time away from work? A vacation done right energizes the soul and inspires creativity. Have you ever heard the saying “work hard play hard”? Don’t forget to play hard!! You have to do both if you want to make the most of life. Plan that trip to Park City, ski or bike your heart out, and enjoy your whole vacation! Of course part of that means letting Shuttle Park City pick you up from the airport to comfortably and safely take you to your accommodations.

Transportation to Snowbird

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Its a beautiful November day here in Utah and the mountains just received some fresh snow! In case you were not aware, Snowbird is scheduled to open November 19th! That’s just about 2 weeks away! We are so excited and can’t wait to get back on to the slopes.

If you are not ready to hit the slopes yet make sure to visit Snowbird for conditioning classes to become stronger and more prepared than ever. The classes focus on functional strength training, flexibility, endurance and agility drills. The components of their ski conditioning program will set you up for enhanced performance on the slopes.

Don’t forget, Shuttle Park City travels to more than just Park City. We offer private transportation up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird and Alta. We also will drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton and Solitude. Sundance Resort, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are also places we are more than happy to drive you to.

Anyway, check out this short little video of the recent snowfall at Snowbird.

Who to hire for your Park City Wedding Film

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Now days it is more popular than ever to have a wedding video produced to help capture and hold those special memories. Photos are great but video offers a whole new level when it comes to bringing back precious memories. Film captures memories in a more complete fashion. Not only are the pictures in motion, but the addition of audio helps bring a whole new dimension.

So who should someone hire to create their wedding video? Our suggestion is to hire someone who understands or has your same sense of style. If they seem to see the world the way you do, chances are they will help capture your view of that world and put it together in a film that satisfies your liking. Search Instagram for tags such as #utahweddingvideography, #parkcityweddings, or #utahweddings and look for someone that has your style! Get their info and see if they can put together a wedding film you would enjoy watching as the years pass with your sweetheart.

Here at Shuttle Park City we love to recommend people and business who’s reputation we trust. For your wedding video, check out Ambit Film Productions. Below is a sample video.

Don’t forget, if you are planning a wedding in Park City, Shuttle Park City can fulfill your transportation needs!! Call us at 435-565-1823

Park City during Fall is a Beautiful Place

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It’s true most people visit Park City during winter and summer. Its a beautiful time of year no doubt,  but don’t forget how gorgeous the fall colors are in the Wasatch during the fall. Take a moment to watch this short video to see why you should visit Park City September through November .

Many of the shots and images from the video were filmed over Guardsman Pass which connects Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Not only is the drive over Guardsman Pass stunning, but it also gives you relatively quick access to Brighton and Solitude. You can also drive to Midway and Heber from the pass. Moose, deer, and other wildlife are common to see in this area. Many popular day hikes and mountain biking trails can be accessed from the summit of the pass.  For those who just want to sit back and relax while viewing the scenery, Shuttle Park City can take you on a guided tour of the Wasatch area. Just call us at 435-565-1823 to book your tour.

Best Asian Food in Park City

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There are many Asian food restaurants in Park City, the question is, “which one is the best”? When asked by the guest, its the duty of a Shuttle Park City driver tell them where all the great food is at. When it comes to Asian, there are many great suggestions, but one seems to top them all.

If you think organic grass fed beef is high quality meat, image the quality of organic beer and sake fed beef. After strolling through the beautiful mountains of Japan, the coddled cattle are pampered with a daily massage to help reduce muscle cramping. The aim of this pleasing lifestyle is to produce increased marbling in the meat. Not only is the beef better tasting but it is also higher in healthy omega 3s and monounsaturated fat!

Now imagine picking up with chopsticks, thin slices of this prize meat, and cooking it on a steaming hot river rock right in front of you on your table. From personal experience I can tell you, no meat tastes better. You must order this d

hotrockWhere can you order and taste this meat? Its a place on Main Street Park City called Shabu. They are known for the Hot Rock Wagyu beef dish and delicious sushi. If you palate prefers Asian food, don’t pass this place up!

Pictured is the Hot Rock Wagyu Beef

Visit Shabu at 442 Main St, Park City


Best Mexican Food in Park City

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In the field of transportation, the drivers at Shuttle Park City are asked many questions about the guest’s destination. One of the most common questions asked is, “who has the best food in Park City?” This is a fun question to answer because there are so many different types of super tasty food in Park City! In this post we will answer, who has the best Mexican food in Park City.

Bar none, most of us would answer Alberto’s. There are a few other contenders here in Park City but by far Alberto’s is the best, that is if you like a San Diego style Mexican food. Their food tastes fresh and every time you eat it you feel totally and absolutely satisfied. Alberto’s is pretty hip for your traditional authentic Mexican restaurant.  Not only does the ambiance have a more mountain ski town feel but the menu offers some more trendy dishes.  One of those being the Lemon Chicken Quesadilla, this dish is yuuuuuuummy! Another thing you must try is the Carnitas. It’s cooked just right yielding great tasting moist pork.







Many of us at Shuttle Park City love the breakfast burrito. Other places in Park City offer this on the menu, but Alberto’s is the only place that does it right! Here’s a tip though, if you are planning on shredding the deep pow you might find yourself falling into a deep and sleepy food coma after eating this tasty burrito so try and eat it after your shred sesh.

Anyway, check them out. They a well priced, not too expensive, and the food is a great way to finish the day on the slopes or the trails. They are located at 1640 Bonanza Dr Park City. You can call and pre order at (435) 602-1145.




Proud Members

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Shuttle Park City is a proud member of the Park City Chamber of Commerce, which is like the Better Business Bureau of Park City! Not only that, but they exists to promote Park City and Summit County as a world-class destination for everyone from tourists to business groups to our local neighbors.  Their mission is to promote the Park City/Summit County area as a historic mountain resort destination with an ongoing Olympic legacy, enhance the resort experience, and be an advocate for a vibrant, healthy economy.

Check out our page on their website at Here we will list coupons and discounts.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans! Seat 11 People!!

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Shuttle Park City now offers transportation for private groups as large as 11 people! Comfortable and safe transportation is the aim of Shuttle Park City. Reserve your sprinter van now for only $250 per van. Book online . Sprinter vans are the most comfortable and most luxurious vans on the road. They are perfect for large groups coming from the Salt Lake City Airport or for transporting people around Park City for corporate events.