Wasatch Snow Forecast

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Winter is here!! For those of you that are curious about and constantly check the weather or snow report for your ski trip, make sure you get your information from the most accurate source. The local powder hounds use the Wasatch Snow Forecast as a weather guide. Wasatch Snow Forecast is a weather blog dedicated to forecasting snowfall for Wasatch Mountain Range.  They strive to not just tell you the weather, but explain the science behind the awesome snowstorms that create the famous “greatest snow on earth”.  Evan Thayer the brain behind Wassatch Snow Forecast, is a hobbyist meteorologist and avid skier who grew up constantly searching for the perfect snowstorm and the deepest powder. His interest then grew into an obsession for snow forecasting. As stated on the website, “Wasatch Snow Forecast has vowed to use its knowledge and experience reading computer models and weather charts to bring you the best forecast possible”. Wasatch Snow Forecast will help you know when to call in sick for work and when to bring up your powder skis! As far as the upcoming snowfall, make sure and read a sample forecast from their latest report!

“Action Packed

Monday, November 21, 2016 at 7:55 am


Active weather will continue with several storms likely over the next ten days.  Storms should get colder and stronger over time.  We should be closing out November in style.


A lot to talk about today so let us dive right in.

Storm #1   This storm is ongoing today.  It is currently snowing in the high elevations of the Wasatch. A look at Deer Valley on this fine Monday morning:

Off and on snowfall will continue today with lowering snow levels later today as we transition to a colder portion of the storm.  We’ll even have a chance for some lake enhanced showers later tonight.  Alta Collins station showing 3″ of new snow so far.  I still think 5-10″ forecast for the highest elevations is a good bet.

A break on Tuesday and early Wednesday…

Storm #2 rolls into the region Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.  This system is colder and will drop snow levels down to valley floors for Thanksgiving morning.  Not a particularly strong system but could easily put down 4-8″ in the high elevation with perhaps more if we get the benefit of some lake effect snowfall.

Another break late Thursday thru Saturday morning…

Storm #3 is now timing for late Saturday into Saturday night, a little bit later than previously forecasted.  This system looks relatively weak, with another quick burst of snowfall possible for the region.

Storm #4 for early next week has the potential to be the coldest and strongest of the bunch.  Of course, it is still a week or more away, but right now it looks like it could have potential to put down more significant accumulations.

The QPF over the next week shows gradual small steps upward, with perhaps the biggest leap just out past the end of the chart:



Long range:

As we head into December, it looks like a ridge will build off the west coast.  That will dig a trough down into the Intermountain West.  We could see colder systems drop down into the area from BC rather than moving in from the west.  Overall, I’d say the active pattern is more likely to continue than to cease.

A good forecast overall, with plenty of optimism.  Whatever rituals you’ve been performing, keep them up as we are definitely seeing the tides turn to more typical Utah winter weather.”

Check them out and follow them religiously at www.wasatchsnowforecast.com/. Oh and one more thing of course, don’t forget Shuttle Park City uses a fleet of 4X4 vehicles all equipped with the safest and best tires for snow. No matter how crazy the snow storm, Shuttle Park City will safely drive you to your destination.

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