Who to hire for your Park City Wedding Film

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Now days it is more popular than ever to have a wedding video produced to help capture and hold those special memories. Photos are great but video offers a whole new level when it comes to bringing back precious memories. Film captures memories in a more complete fashion. Not only are the pictures in motion, but the addition of audio helps bring a whole new dimension.

So who should someone hire to create their wedding video? Our suggestion is to hire someone who understands or has your same sense of style. If they seem to see the world the way you do, chances are they will help capture your view of that world and put it together in a film that satisfies your liking. Search Instagram for tags such as #utahweddingvideography, #parkcityweddings, or #utahweddings and look for someone that has your style! Get their info and see if they can put together a wedding film you would enjoy watching as the years pass with your sweetheart.

Here at Shuttle Park City we love to recommend people and business who’s reputation we trust. For your wedding video, check out Ambit Film Productions. Below is a sample video.

Don’t forget, if you are planning a wedding in Park City, Shuttle Park City can fulfill your transportation needs!! Call us at 435-565-1823

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