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Best Food in Park City?

Did you know you can eat fresh, I mean, actually fresh lobster in Park City?? As it states right on their website "Fresh Maine lobsters are caught in the morning, cooked and shelled. In the afternoon, they are packaged and sent from Maine to Boston. By 11 AM the following morning, they arrive in Salt Lake City, ready to be distributed to our locations!" Who would have thought it possible to eat really fresh seafood and lobster at 7,000 feet up in the mountains of Park City! This is not a joke! Not only is it fresh, but incredibly tasty!!

Check it out here in this video! Freshies is a favorite here at Shuttle Park City. Start your ski vacation off right and have Shuttle Park City pass by Freshies for a lobster roll! You will not be disappointed, take this advice from a Park City local. Shuttle Park City drivers have tried all the food around town and will tell you that Freshies Lobster is one of the best places to eat in town! Check them out at


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