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Imagine a Totally Custom Ski!!

Have you ever been super excited to go buy some new skis only to be disappointed by the limited options of skis to select from the shelf at the ski shop? I know I have! Well I have great news for you! Search no more, for the power is within you to create your dream ideal skis! We’ve discovered a place that makes top-notch, second to none, superior customized skis! Wubanger Ski Design! If I told you that you could have an aerospace engineer who held a job designing a spaceship for NASA build a pair of customized skis for you, would you believe me? Well, it’s true! You can! His name is Howard Wu, and he has combined his genius engineering background

with his passion (to say the least) for skiing. By so doing, he provides skiers with a chance to hit the slopes with the exact type of skis they always dreamed of having.When I heard “customized skis”, I thought, wow I’ve always wanted a pair of skis to fit my exact style of ski and taste in design!

Wubanger is ideal for any skier because you can literally build your dream pair of skis. Not only will they be more durable and outperform your typical ski brand, but they are customized to your body weight and height. Oh wait, there’s more! You can ALSO customize your skis to the type of skiing you want to use them for! Maybe you prefer park, all mountain, big mountain, powder, or mogul shaped skis. Whatever it is, they will construct exactly what you want! The guys at Wubanger are so committed to building exactly what you want, that they provide a questionnaire with in depth questions about your ski style and preference, set up a conversation with their resident ski engineer, and even arrange a time to go for some runs so they can gauge your ski style (if you so desire). Like I said, they are extremely committed to creating skis tailored to your desire. Even if you’re not exactly sure what you want, the qualified professionals at Wubanger will help you identify the exact type of ski to help you achieve your maximum satisfaction on the slopes!

You have so many options ranging from choosing your shape, flex pattern, and even graphics on the ski. They provide a catalogue of graphics to choose from or you can even submit your own graphics! I personally am completely satisfied with the vast amount of graphics they provide. Wubanger is decked out to the max with a team of adamant ski advocates and professionals consisting of artists and engineers.

Another reason I feel strongly about the high quality

and superior service Wubanger provides is because the owner himself, Howard Wu, has quite the credentials that merit him ALL STAR SKI connoisseur status! Not only does he have that undeniable passion for skiing, but he has the brains to put that passion to profitable and serviceable use. In fact, that’s an understatement. We’re talking about a genius ski bum dedicated to building your dream skis. Howard is a former aerospace engineer who graduated from UCLA with a degree in mechanical engineering. To paint a better picture for you, one of his jobs was designing a “top-secret flying machine for NASA”!!! All I know is if NASA trusted this man to build futuristic spaceships, then you better believe I want him to build me a pair of skis!

I quote Howard himself: “I’m a well-trained engineer and I’ve had years of experience learning from some of the brightest minds in the world while working on incredibly intricate projects. I’ve taken their approach to technical design and applied it to designing and building skis. I’m used to being very attentive to detail and I make sure that all of our skis are built to incredibly tight tolerances.”

I trust this man will bring anyone their dream skis and even provide them with more durability, high performance, and quality than they ever dreamed possible!

Bottom line is that the process of constructing your ski is simple, but intricate. Their goal is “to design and build the best pair of skis that you’ve ever ridden”. And I can give you a Shuttle Park City gurantee that Wubanger Custom Skis delivers! You will not be disappointed.

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