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Best Park City Wedding Videographer

Summertime in Park City not only is a great place to hike, bike, and relax, but it's also a popular place to get married. It's not surprising, considering how beautiful it is in Park City during the summer. The hills are green, the skies are sunny, and the temperatures are a perfect 75-85 degrees.

It's important to preserve your special day, not only in the form of photography, but also with video. A wedding film adds another dimension of emotion to the memory of your wedding. Photos are great to look at, but a wedding film helps you really feel the love between you and your partner.

There are many videographers in Park City and Salt Lake City, but there is one who sticks out from all of them. We recommend checking out Ambit Wedding Films. Below are a few of their videos. You can also check out more of their videos at

Don't forget, Shuttle Park City not only does winter transportation to and from the Salt Lake City Airport, but we also do hourly transportation for Park City weddings and other events.

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