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Valter's Osteria

I had no idea I would find the most authentic, delicious, and satisfying Italian food I’ve ever had right here in Salt Lake City, Utah! If you’re like me, you enjoy the real experience of eating authentic food from other cultures. This kind of food is often hard to find, but we have truly discovered the best of the best Italian cuisine right here along the Wasatch front!

Valter’s Osteria is the best Italian cuisine in town! Everything, whether it be antipasta, their carefully selected and prepared meats and fish, fantastic gnochhi arrabbiata, or even dolce, is simply exquisite. The best part about this menu is that even if you don’t see something on the menu, you can simply ask them to create exactly what you’re looking for! Unlike many restaurants I’ve been to, Valter’s really does do their best to accommodate you. Excuse me for my over zealousness, but you can literally taste the love and passion in the food itself! The original chef, Valter Nassi, has a respect for “authenticity and simplicity” when it comes to real Italian food. That is exactly what you get with each bite of his incredible dishes. He undoubtedly passes this on to the rest of his kitchen staff! It’s absolutely astounding to see firsthand the attention and effort put into each dish created by these committed chefs. I personally couldn’t believe how delicately the meat was prepared as well as how perfect it was.

Valter understands the importance of preserving culture and authenticity, and he certainly conveys that through his remarkable dishes. I was amazed with “authenticity and simplicity”. They use the best product. Make sure and check out this video below!


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