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Best Asian Food


There are many Asian food restaurants in Park City,the question is, "which one is the best"? When asked by the guest, its the duty of a Shuttle Park City driver tell them where all the great food is at. When it comes to Asian, there are many great suggestions, but one seems to top them all.

If you think organic grass fed beef is high quality meat, image the quality of organic beer and sake fed beef. After strolling through the beau

tiful mountains of Japan, the coddled cattle are pampered with a daily massage to help reduce muscle cramping. The aim of this pleasing lifestyle is to produce increased marbling in the meat. Not only is the beef better tasting but it is also higher in healthy omega 3s and monounsaturated fat!

Now imagine picking up with chopsticks, thin slices of this prize meat, and cooking it on a steaming hot river rock right in front of you on your table. From personal experience I can tell you, no meat tastes better. You must order this dish! Where can you order and taste this meat? Its a place on Main Street Park City called Shabu. They are known for the Hot Rock Wagyu beef dish and delicious sushi. If you palate prefers Asian food, don't pass this place up!

Pictured is the Hot Rock Wagyu Beef

Visit Shabu at 442 Main St, Park Cit


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