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Best Mexican Food

In the field of transportation, the drivers at Shuttle Park City are asked many questions about the guest's destination. One of the most common questions asked is, "who has the best food in Park City?" This is a fun question to answer because there are so many different types of super tasty food in Park City! In this post we will answer, who has the best Mexican food in Park City.

Bar none, most of us would answer Alberto's. There are a few other contenders here in Park City but by far Alberto's is the best, that is if you like a San Diego style Mexican food. Their food tastes fresh and every time you eat it you feel totally and absolutely satisfied. Alberto's is pretty hip for your traditional authentic Mexican restaurant. Not only does the ambiance have a more mountain ski town feel but the menu offers some more trendy dishes. One of those being the Lemon Chicken Quesadilla, this dish is yuuuuuuummy! Another thing you must try is the Carnitas. It's cooked just right yielding great tasting moist pork.


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