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Most Accurate Snow Report

Winter is here!! For those of you that are curious about and constantly check the weather or snow report for your ski trip, make sure you get your information from the most accurate source. The local powder hounds use the The Utah Daily Snow forecast as a weather guide. The Utah Daily Snow is a weather blog dedicated to forecasting snowfall for Wasatch Mountain Range. They strive to not just tell you the weather, but explain the science behind the awesome snowstorms that create the famous "greatest snow on earth".

Evan Thayer the brain behind The Utah Daily Snow, is a hobbyist meteorologist and avid skier who grew up constantly searching for the perfect snowstorm and the deepest powder. His interest then grew into an obsession for snow forecasting. It has been stated, "The Utah Daily Snow has vowed to use its knowledge and experience reading computer models and weather charts to bring you the best forecast possible". The Utah Daily Snow will help you know when to call in sick for work and when to bring up your powder skis! As far as the upcoming snowfall, make sure and read a sample forecast from their latest report!

And just a note, if the weather predicts heavy snow, remember that when you ride with Shuttle Park City, our vehicles are equipped with 4 wheel drive and snow rated tires!

Check out the latest report here


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