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Working to Live or Living to Work

Recently, the Park City Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon for all their members. During this meeting they inspired us all in many different important ways, one of them being to cherish the time we have to spend with our loved ones. Sometimes we become so busy with work and all the many things going on in life we forget to take the time to create and experience precious moments together. Thankfully towns like Park City exist where we can escape the daily grind, get away from all the busy work, and create the special moments that last forever and make life sweet. Below is a short and creative video we all watched during the meeting about working too much. Check it out!

Ask yourself, when was the last time you took your full vacation, and entirely escaped from work? When was the last time you fully enjoyed and made the most of your entire vacation and time away from work? A vacation done right energizes the soul and inspires creativity. Have you ever heard the saying "work hard play hard"? Don't forget to play hard!! You have to do both if you want to make the most of life. Plan that trip to Park City, ski or bike your heart out, and enjoy your whole vacation! Of course part of that means letting Shuttle Park City pick you up from the airport to comfortably and safely take you to your accommodations.

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